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What Is the Contract Number on Bluecross Insurance Card

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April 16, 2022
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April 17, 2022

Your BCBS ID card may include a list of co-payment amounts you can expect for shared services such as a visit to the doctor or a trip to the emergency room. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) offer a wide range of health products. Each member/subscriber`s identity card (ID) displays the important information required to bill and determine benefits. When you submit a BCBSTX claim, two of the most important elements are the member/subscriber identification number and the group number, you can use the first three numbers of your membership card to find your local BCBS company`s website. There you can log in to your account and access your benefits. If you are already a member and have not yet registered for Blue Access for Members, register today. Will your ID number ever change? In some cases, your identification number changes, for example: if you change your health insurance when registering open. However, your number should stay the same if your plan doesn`t change. If you are not sure if your id number has changed, call customer service at the number listed on your ID card and your membership number will also be listed on your welcome letter. If you have not yet received your IDENTITY card, you can log in to Blue Access for MembersSM with the identification number and group number of your welcome letter and print a temporary identity card.

How will you use your membership number? It is important that you take your membership card with you when seeking care so that your doctor has your insurance information. Without them, you could be wrongly charged for treatment or services. You also need to know your identification number when you call customer service or pay your bill. Your ID number is also the key that brings you to Blue Access for Members, your online resource for managing your health insurance. There you can: Most members covered by a Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan are assigned a three-digit prefix that can be found at the beginning of their unique identification number. The three-digit prefix is very important for the identification number, as it acts as a key element to confirm the member`s authorization and coverage information. Prefixes are also used to identify claims and correctly route them to the appropriate Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan for processing. If you have misplaced your BCBS IDENTITY card or have not yet received it, a temporary identity card may be available online. For more information, visit your local BCBS company`s website.

The Member`s network can be identified by the network value of (3) characters displayed in red on the front of the identity card. The network value is displayed on medical cards where network benefits may apply. Your BCBS badge contains important contact information to help you reach your BCBS business. On the back of your card, look for phone numbers for customer service and eligibility questions. You can also use our directory to find your BCBS company`s website. There you can log into your account and learn more about how to contact the company that offers you services. When your BCBS ID arrives by mail, take a moment to search for these five items: The following sample card shows where you can find your member ID number and group number. Keep in mind that this is just an example of a card and your card may look different. Some articles accompany us everywhere. Our phones, keys, driver`s license and credit cards are at our disposal at all times.

It`s easy to see why. These items are unique to each of us and give access to the things we need. When it comes to health services, this item is your Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) badge. Keep it in a safe and easily accessible place like your wallet. Your card contains important information about your health insurance coverage that is required if you need care or if you take a prescription at the pharmacy. Keeping your card in a safe place can also protect you from medical identity theft. If you are in a plan through your work or another group, it will also be listed on your map. Check your new card to make sure details such as the spelling of your name and the type of plan you choose are correct. (See point #2 below for information on how to contact your BCBS company to resolve issues.) If you`ve forgotten or aren`t sure what type of health insurance you have (such as an HMO or PPO), you can find out on your BCBS ID. If you have an HMO, your card may also show the doctor or group you have selected for primary care.

Determining whether a provider is on the network is an important part of choosing a family doctor. Your BCBS ID card will include your membership number and, in some cases, your employer group number. Your membership number, also known as an identification number, will be listed directly under your name. You will need this information when you receive medical services from the doctor or pharmacy or when you call customer service. If your group number is available, you can find it directly under your membership number. Blue Choice PPO Network = BCABlue Essentials = HMOBlue Advantage HMO = BAVBlue Premier = HMHMyBlue Health = BFTBlue High Performance = HPN If “TDI” is indicated on the ID card, the member`s claims are subject to TDI`s rules and regulations. . . .

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