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What Is the Document Number on a Permanent Resident Card for an I-9 Form

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April 16, 2022
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April 17, 2022

Examples of additional documents proving employability in connection with I-94 An employer representative is responsible for physically reviewing the original documents and completing Section 2 of Form I-9 accurately and in a timely manner. The new employee must not complete any part of this section. Unlimited – Get Your Wedding Green CardUSICS Green Card InformationDirect Immigration – Permanent Residence Number Location The employee is responsible for fully completing Section 1 of I-9 no later than the first day of employment, but after acceptance of the job. The employer should not complete any part of this section, and any changes or corrections to this section should only be made by the employee who was subsequently initialled and dated. The employer is responsible for fully and correctly reviewing section 1 and ensuring that the employee completes it completely and correctly. The employee must have access to all instruction pages related to I-9 (pages 1 to 15) as well as the list of acceptable documents (page 9). The University of Missouri is required by law to participate in the federal E-Verify program for all new hires. Provide the employee with Form I-9 no later than the first day of employment, but not before the offer of employment has been accepted. Note: Within three business days of the first day of employment, the employee must provide original documents showing their identity and proving that they are authorized to work in the United States. The employer has a maximum of three working days from the date of commencement of employment to complete Section 2. Contact your HRS representative for more information. If you have questions about the rest of the numbers, the second line contains your date of birth in year-month-date (YY/MM/DD), gender, card expiration date (YY/MM/DD), a country of birth, and a few spaces.

The third line contains your last name, first name, father`s first initial, your mother`s first initial, and other spaces if necessary. Special circumstances Minors under the age of 18 who are unable to present any of the identification documents listed above are exempt from presenting one of the listed identification documents if: And finally the green card number begins. This series begins with 3 letters indicating the service center that received the application for residency status: the first line of the 90-digit chain on the back of a green card begins with C1 or C2, indicating whether the green card holder is a long-term permanent resident in the United States (C1) or a permanent resident. Canada or Mexico (C2). This is followed by letters indicating the country of residence, United States, numbers 3-5. The next ten digits (6-15) are called the extraterrestrial number. Together, this string is the format of the green card number. If the file number in the example above was 51423, the full green card number would be: NBC2004551423. If you look at the sample card in the photo, for the woman named Test V. Specimen, her green card number is: SRC00000000001.

After the fiscal year are 3 digits indicating the working day of the computer of the year in which the file was opened. But why 3 figures, for a day of the week? It is based on 365/366 days a year, minus holidays and weekends. If your NBC Green Card shows 20,045, your case was received by the National Benefits Center on the 45th business day of fiscal 2020. Note: A visa is not a List A document. The visa and passport serve two different purposes. The visa is a document showing permission to enter the United States. There are 22 different categories of nonimmigrant visas, not all of which are used for employment purposes. The passport is an official document issued by an authorized official of a country to one of its citizens to allow exit and re-entry into the country. The unexpired foreign passport is an acceptable List A document. *As a participant in the E-Verify program, all List B documents must include a photo that can be used on the I-9. The green card number – also known as the receipt number or permanent residence number – is located at the bottom of the back of the card in the first line of a long 90-character string. Symbols below the face value are simply there as placeholders.

The most common receipt presented is a receipt for a replacement Social Security card. If the employee presents a receipt for a replacement Social Security card for List C documentation, a case cannot be created in E-Verify until the actual card has been received. In this case, the E-Verify exception process must be followed. Boundless prints all your forms and documents, which are compiled exactly as the government prefers. We will send the entire package to your door, ready to be signed and sent to the correct government address. Ready to get started? If the person who originally completed or signed section 2 of Form I-9 is not available to make the corrections to I-9, that.B the person has terminated their employment relationship with the university or if the employee has moved to another department, do not make the changes. The person who examined the original documents and completed section 2 must make the necessary corrections. Please include a note documenting why corrections cannot be made. In many cases, the I-94 arrival and departure record does not specify the date of eligibility for employment, but the status of the employee (p. .

B. F-1 non-immigrant student) and “D/S”, which stands for Duration of status. In this case, the employer must explain to the employee that the unexpired foreign passport with the I-94 combination is not acceptable without an additional document indicating the date of the employee`s work permit. A person may submit a receipt indicating the request for a replacement document. Applying for a first-time work permit or extending the expiring work permit is not acceptable. After 90 days, the person must present the actual document. If the employee has terminated their employment at the university or is no longer employed in your department, please include a note on the department letterhead documenting that the employee is no longer employed in your department. After the service center code are two digits that represent the fiscal year in which the case was received.

This may not be consistent with what`s on your schedule, as the U.S. government`s fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30. This means, for example, that a case received on October 15, 2019 would have a two-digit code of 20 for the fiscal year. A green card seems pretty simple the first time you look at it. That is, until you turn the card over and see 3 lines of 90 letters, numbers and a whole bunch of “less than” symbols on the back. In this chain there is a lot of important information, including your green card number, which is unique to each green card holder. ** The same special procedures may be used for persons with special needs who are unable to present any of the acceptable identification documents. The only difference would be that “Person under the age of 18″ should be written instead” as “Special Placement”. The employer must accept a receipt instead of the required document, unless the person is employed for less than three business days. On page four (4) of Form I-9, you will find the list of documents eligible for List A Note: Documents cannot have expired Each line on the back of the green card contains 30 characters. The green card number is in the last 13 characters of the first line, followed by two spaces. To be precise, the green card number is the sign of the numbers 16 to 28, followed by “>>”.

Important: If Form I-9 is returned to the ministry for correction in Section 2, only the person who completed and signed Section 2 can make the necessary corrections or updates, and then initialize and date the form. .

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